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Things on the outside look like they’re going really well for you. No one would know that you have underlying feelings of discontent, disappointment, unhappiness and unworthiness.

You’ve spent so much of your life trying to make things work, creating the “perfect” life and yet, you’re not happy and you’re not sure who you are.

All the “right” things are in place and yet, you find yourself wondering if you should have it all and if you are worthy of it.

You feel like an impostor in your own life.

I get it. I’ve been where you are. Because of this, I’ve spent the past several years of my life growing as a coach to help you reclaim your true self. You can read my musings and posts below to reconnect with your inner happiness.

Reclaim the True You with Empowerment Coaching

My Musings

What You Want is Already Yours

What you want is already yours. I love this concept! It's one that I heard referenced again a week or so ago and I've begun to really let it sink in for myself. ⠀ If everything I want is already mine and I'm simply in the process of remembering how to have it, it...

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Everything Will Be Okay

In the last post, I talked about opening myself up to feeling the emotions I’ve been trying to “fix”. I decided to create a space to allow access to the emotions without blocking or protecting myself from them. This has allowed me to be present to the feelings and...

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Are You Open to Opportunity

When was the last time you felt truly open? Open to opportunity, to situations that might feel uncomfortable or be challenging? ⠀⠀I've been opening myself up to new situations lately and allowing myself the space to see what comes up for me. With these new situations,...

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It is Time for Transition

There's no better time than right now to allow ourselves to release and reset the warn out, tired, limiting beliefs about ourselves, our lives and what's possible for us.  Let's make the transition to believing fully and completely in ourselves and in our ability to...

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Believe Unshakably in Your Dreams

I want to take you on a short journey making your dreams come true! Let's begin... What do you dream about? What do you want for yourself? What do you envision for your life? Is there something you simply haven't let yourself fully commit to because you're...

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Reclaim Your Power

Your power is in your belief! Believe in yourself and what you want even if there isn’t evidence for it! Anything you’ve ever gotten came from a belief you had...yes, even the things you didn't want show up because of your beliefs. If you have a belief that you’ll...

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