Sometimes we think that our reality can’t change. We think “it is what it is”.

This simply isn’t the case.

Yes, what happened in our past happened. The past is significant for the part it played in bringing us to where we are. We can’t argue with the past and we shouldn’t, but that doesn’t mean we can’t change our perspective on it or the meaning we give it.

And, most importantly, the past doesn’t dictate how things will be for us into the future, unless we give it that power.

When we continually think about the past and project that past into the future, we neglect the possibilities to reshape our reality. When we take what happened in our lives and the beliefs we created about ourselves and the “way life is” into the present and the future, we stay the same. We have similar experiences. We see things through the same lens.

IT IS ABSOLUTELY POSSIBLE to reshape your reality.

What you think of your life and yourself is merely a projection of the thoughts and beliefs you’ve opted into believing and feeling. 

Some of these thoughts work for us. Some of these create the feelings we want. Some of these bring about forward movement to get us to where we want to go.

Sometimes the opposite occurs. Our thoughts and beliefs become stagnant. We feel stuck. We don’t change. When we relinquish our innate responsibility to guide our own lives, we have allowed ourselves to be at the mercy of life happening to us.

It doesn’t have to be this way. You can RESHAPE YOUR REALITY!

It’s true…circumstances outside of our control occur, but we can become empowered to choose what we think and feel about those things. We can shift what we make the situations in our lives mean about us and what we can have, do and be. Nothing and no one can make us think and feel anything.

When we recognize that we are in control of the thoughts and feelings that happened within our minds and bodies, we find our own POWER. We begin to see the importance of the control we have within us.


Are you ready to take back your power?

With love & belief,


If you’re curious about how Empowerment Life Coaching can support you on your shift to Reclaiming the True You, reach out for your FREE Empowerment call. We’ll take the opportunity to talk about what’s going on for you, why you feel stuck and how you can create the changes you want to see.⠀

It’s the first step on this next phase of your journey and an amazing gift to give yourself.

It’s so worth it and so are you!⠀

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